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The need for tenant insurance when you rent

Wayne Marinik - Monday, October 28, 2019

We have been seeing a lot in the news recently regarding tragic events that impacted a number of home owners and tenants. From the multiple tornadoes that hit Dallas a couple of weeks ago to the devastating fires affecting California. Flooding is another constant threat as well that everyone needs to be aware of when we get those storms dropping inches of of water in a matter of minutes.

For homeowners it is tough enough to make sure you have the right insurance coverage from floods to wind driven damage to fire. In the end though, if you are a tenant, the landlord's policy is not going to cover your belongings in the event of a fire, flood or other damage. Most people assume that the landlords policy will cover them but that is not true. Besides being required in your lease to maintain a renter's insurance policy, it is a just a good way to protect your belongings. It allows you to pick up extra coverage for your really valuable items that may not have enough insurance coverage under a base policy.

The costs of these policies is relatively affordable, maybe just a couple hundred bucks a year. And for that additional insurance for jewelry, art work or other expensive items, it costs a little as maybe $5 per month. And imagine if you have your car broken into, your renters policy will step in to cover those items stolen.

In the end, take a little time to shop around. These policies can be bundled with your car insurance for multi line discounts and for more streamlined serviced. Don't wait, take steps now to protect your belongings and you will be glad you did.

San Antonio Property Management Blog

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San Antonio Property Management Blog
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