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Professional Listing Services for $2995

We offer a number of solutions specifically tailored to your needs when purchasing a new home. Whether you're moving into a larger or smaller home, our solutions will help make the transition as seamless as possible. You'll find detailed information about our solutions outlined below.

Let us show you how we sell homes for only $2995 and receive a true MLS Home Valuation

Listing Services

It’s your equity so why shouldn’t you keep more of it? In todays Real Estate Market, the use of technology has greatly enhanced the ability to effectively market your property while increasing efficiency. We have built consistent marketing systems that get results both online and in person. We are not a discount brokerage. We are a full service brokerage with a proven marketing system that has decided to help homeowners keep more of their money!

We follow a process to help ensure your home is marketed for maximum effect and then we make sure we work to help you get the price you want. A proactive method for communicating with prospective buyers, other Realtors representing potential buyers and of course you the home owner helps ensure we follow up on leads and let you know how things are going. Check our sample marketing plan below to see how we plan to achieve that goal.

When getting your home ready to put on the market, the first thing we do is secure a home warranty at no cost to you. This is important because it adds a layer of coverage for repairs while the home is on the market. You can also use this as an incentive for buyers. We also arrange for professional photography for the home including a virtual tour. These items are provided at no cost to you.

Online marketing is a basic necessity and we have a great package to provide maximum exposure to your home. We receive between 1,500 to 2,500 online views per week of each home on sites like Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, M&S Properties and several others.

Every week, you will receive email reports including feedback from in person showings and online viewing traffic reports. These reports help us to gauge the effectiveness of pricing, marketing and market developments. In addition to email reports there will be weekly phone calls to update you and adjust strategy.

We review the offers presented for maximum value including negotiating the following:

All of this is provided at a preferred rate as part of Smart New Home Solutions. The cost to market the home, represent you throughout the transaction and keep things on track is only $2995. A commission of 3% would need to be offered to the Realtor that brought a qualified buyer for your property so the total would only be 3% plus $2995 instead of the customary 6%, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Regardless of what your situation is, M&S Properties has the systems and expertise to manage the solution. A designated point of contact will always keep you informed so there are no surprises and best of all, everyone can work together to make sure you receive the home of your dreams.

* $2995 fee excludes listing services for any property to be marketed as requiring a Short Sale. 

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